Agile development’ brought with it the need for new talents to make the agile approach work, Scrum Masters are one of those, these people need great leadership, a deep understanding of technology and the ability to solve problems quickly. But, to scale the agile culture across the organization, agile developers are needed, who can create and deploy solutions that support agile processes across the enterprise and must meet established metrics for tracking progress.

Understand the values ​​and principles of “agility” (for example, value-focused delivery, adaptation to change, continuous improvement, etc.) and experience with high-performance teams.

What do they do

Scrum master

  • Collect company requirements and formulate project requirements.
  • Give the go-ahead to the various deliveries and publications of the developed software.
  • Continuous prioritization of the developed functionalities.
  • Economic management of the developed product.


Agile developers

  • Create, test and adjust the development of the software applications that are defined in sprints.
  • Solve warranty incidents without affecting project times and / or ongoing requirements.
  • Perform technical documentation of assigned development, document technical changes made to application source codes.
  • Record the activities and the time invested in the implementation of the applications.
  • Support version outputs according to the rules and established times.
  • Keep updated on trends and available technologies.

Knowledge or skills

  • Scrum and Kanban methodologies.
  • Share good practices and team coordination (scrum master).
  • Management planning and software estimation (scrum master).