They’re in charge of designing, developing, testing and implementing applications for mobile devices: those you can find, for example, in your app store or google play store. They bring great experience in native mobile technologies and mobile platforms. Their work is very important because it increases the number of services that a company can offer to its customers and, on the other hand, it facilitates the direct interactions of employees with its systems. They can be divided into 3 profiles: IOS developers, Android developers and multi-platform mobile developers.

What do they do

  • Design app interfaces and app logic.
  • Develop app code and test.
  • Modify configurations and create distributable app packages.
  • Design and develop secure online services.
  • Support apps and user data management.

Knowledge or skills

  • Deployment of apps in store.
  • Knowledge of the mobile development life cycle.
  • Good understanding of the main iOS frameworks and / or Android SDK.
  • UX / UI for mobile.
  • Architecture and mobile design patterns (MVC, MVVM, MVP).
  • Event Tracking of general applications.
  • Monetization of apps.
  • Web services (Rest API).
  • Knowledge of Android and / or iOS API.
  • Desktop and Progressive Web Apps.
  • They have 3 fields of exploration in relation to the languages ​​that they master: There are 2 languages ​​in IOS: Swift and Objective-C, for Android: Java and Kotlin are the most used and if they’re willing to cross-platform we recommend some knowledge in the following frameworks: Xamarin , React Native, Flutter, among others.