A Fullstack Developer is a programmer with mastery of the backend as well as the frontend. Without necessarily being a specialist in either of two profiles, he knows the different systems and components between the back and the frontend. Must have knowledge of server and system architecture.

Fullstack developers are generally developers with some experience in the market and deep experience with one or two programming languages ​​and / or execution environments. They must also have knowledge and fluency in the different “stacks” of a large-scale software system, they must be effective in linking the architectural vision with the company’s vision and create solutions that focus on business value, not only on technical excellence. . They have a deep understanding of how an architecture will need to evolve to meet changing business goals.

What do they do:

  • Model business data structure.
  • They design an application with UX / UI principles and also coordinate their programming.
  • Relationship with the client in order to understand their need, and transfer it to the development team for its execution.
  • Software layout.
  • Make or suggest decisions about the application architecture.
  • Implement software testing.

Knowledge or skills

  • Curiosity.
  • Interest in knowledge and research.
  • Software life cycle knowledge. 
  • Knowledge in operating systems and components between the back and frontend.
  • Server and system architecture.
  • Understanding the needs of the clients or consumers.
  • Relationship with clients.
  • Reactive programming.
  • Some knowledge about reports.