A Frontend developer works on the side of an application, web mobile or other, that the user sees. Frontend developers design the appearance and form of applications in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, among other graphical interface development tools. Among the responsibilities of the Frontend developer is to consider the usability, readability, accessibility, design and structure of the applications so that the user can have a satisfactory experience.

Frontend developers are often experts creating high-performance, scalable, and usable web interfaces. They’re also people with great empathy with the client.

What do they do:

  • User interface development.
  • Applications creation in HTML, JavaScript and CSS code.
  • Design, development and execution of functional tests for applications.
  • Configuration of tools and components for visualization.
  • Create and run tests of the solutions.

Knowledge or skills

  • HTML5 and its JSON and CSS components.
  • Modern browser-based JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, Angular, etc.)
  • Semantic Web knowledge. 
  • Web accessibility.
  • Interface components (for example, icons, images, videos) and tools necessary to configure these components.
  • Configuration of web components (for example, web server, nodes, Docker, etc.)