Data scientists are experts in data analysis, they like to solve complex problems and are curious to explore what problems need to be solved, they have the ability to communicate well, and an insatiable curiosity in knowing how things work. They know mathematical, scientific models and are trend watchers. Their work includes exploring many data sets, integrating different types of data, and applying different techniques that help us understand the past and current state of companies’ businesses, understand and explain what happened, and predict what might happen in the future. Products delivered by data scientists enable informed decision-making for companies.

What do they do

  • Solve business problems using data-driven techniques.
  • Collect, clean up and transform data.
  • Identify a problem that the company wants to solve, the variables with which it can be addressed and the statistical technique that will allow them to provide a solution.
  • Find patterns and trends in data that can help a company’s operating base.
  • Create predictive models from the available data.
  • Find out what patterns or metrics are used by the business to optimize a process or improve results.
  • Solve business-related problems from insights extracted from data sets.
  • Communicate and collaborate with IT and business areas.

Knowledge or skills

  • Data preprocessing.
  • Relational and non-relational databases.
  • Knowledge of Machine learning techniques and methodologies.
  • Data visualization and reporting technologies.
  • Knowledge in probability and statistics.
  • Work with some programming language like R, SAS or Python.
  • It is desirable, but not mandatory, to know about cloud computing (AWS, Google Cloud, among others), Hadoop, MapReduce and / or Spark.