Over 300 companies from around the world have come to Medellin through Ruta N’s Landing program, creating nearly 10.000 new jobs in the city.

Our calculations indicate that we will need at least 52.000 new talents with specialized IT skills by 2023; with this in mind, we have partnered with different actors across the entire science, technology and innovation ecosystem to make sure that these opportunities are taken by the city and its people and that companies continue developing tomorrow’s business.

Every city in the world is now facing similar challenges, and closing the gap in terms of skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution calls for an outwards and forwards strategy on talent that empowers Medellin to lead a meaningful transformation in everyone’s quality of life.

Our alliances

  • En el Fondo de financiación SUMANTI:
  • SURA Asset Management
  • Protección

Educative offer

  • Platzi
  • Cymetria Group
  • Fourier Tech SAS
  • Fundación de Egresados de la Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas – EUD
  • Software Estratégico
  • Universidad EAFIT
  • Fundación Parque Tecnológico del Software de Antioquia
  • Universidad EIA
  • Corporación Intersoftware – Digital School
  • Universidad UPB
  • Acámica

Talent broker

  • PeakU
  • Gente Competente

Transversal alliances

  • LinkedIn
  • NIPU
  • BID
  • Secretarías de educación, juventud y de desarrollo
  • Comunidades Tech Medellín
  • C4RI
  • Place to pay