If digital transformation is your company’s main strategy for growth over the next years, you’ll need the best talent possible by your side and Ruta N is here to help you find it. Our broker specializes in Industry 4.0 and, with the help of AI, will profile the best candidates that best fit your demands in terms of technical and soft skills.


Talent Broker

What we do?

We scout the talent that companies need throught a talent broker specialized in 4.0 industries. We work with AI platforms that allow us to profile candidates based not only on training and knowlodge, but also soft skills as well.


What makes us different?

The use of AI gives us the possibility to select your talent tailor made. A variety of technical evaluations according to your needs.


Talent Broker


Our services


Talent Broker

Step by step


Talent Broker


Our entire process takes from 10 to 30 days and we guarantee replacement in case of termination by fair cause or if the candidate decides to quit.

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